Grafted ‘Wurtz Little Cado’ Avocado Fruit Tree (2-3 Feet Tall)


The best avocado to grow in a container, a true dwarfing variety.

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The Wurtz avocado tree, sometimes referred to as Little Cado, is the only true dwarf variety of avocado and will consistently produce good fruit from May to September.

Compared to other avocado trees, which can grow up to 80 feet, a Wurtz avocado tree grows to about 10 feet.

Due to its small size, the Wurtz avocado tree can be grown in a large container (such as a half wine barrel) and is a good option for smaller front and back yards. The Wurtz avocado is a hybrid created from the Mexican and Guatemalan avocado species, and produces abundant fruits within one to two years of planting if it is a grafted tree, grown in the right conditions and properly taken care of.

This is the best Avocado variety for containers. A Wurtz avocado tree will do well in mild-winter areas of California. Avocados like loose, rich, well-draining soil. Plant in a container that has drainage holes, in good quality potting soil. The soil may need to be sandy to accommodate the tree’s large roots and fast draining so that the roots do not succumb to root rot fungus.

Avoid manure-based mixes, as these have a tendency to be too salty.

Dwarf varieties in containers need frequent watering, perhaps even daily during the summer months, to keep the soil lightly moist. While the Wurtz avocado tree can tolerate temperatures as low as 25 degrees F, it should be kept in a warm environment as much as possible with protection against strong winds and frost. A young tree, one that is less than 12 months old, requires shelter from direct summer sunlight or the stems and bark will burn. After a year or two, the tree will grow enough foliage to shade itself from the sun. Fertilize with a well-balanced citrus and avocado food on a regular basis. Frequent pinching of young tree stems helps to keep the tree in the desired shape.

Wurtz is considered an A type avocado, but can still set fruits on its own. However, introducing a B type avocado will greatly increase production.

**You are purchasing a grafted avocado tree equivalent in size to the one pictured.

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Weight 6 lbs
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